Glamorous summer nights at the WHITE PARTY – presented by Porsche Zentrum Mannheim

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20. Juli 2017
Bling! A new Email surprised me with the heading - “ invitation WHITE PARTY”.
A closer look told me this will be a special summer event presented by Porsche in cooperation with my agency MANIGOO. Cool! Joy and excitement came up, but shortly after the question – what should I wear? SUMMER SALE – My first thought. Lots of sales, plenty of clothes – let`s start the hunt and get some good deals!
Stocked with motivation I picked up my best friend and with good mood and good music we drove to the city to get a nice outfit. Quite quick we realized it was not that easy to create a complete white outfit. So he was like: What are you looking for exactly? - My answer was: “White, but it has to be the same color shades, either crème or spotless white. And then, elegant but comfortable, fair but not old-fashioned, not to expensive, and oh… a bit fancy! Because I don`t want to look like everybody else!” Sooo, high standards but only little time. The Party was the day after!
First I was thinking about getting a dress, but I couldn`t find one that convinced me 100%. Probably because I`m more the trouser – jacket person. White tip is really hip and modern at the moment. Anyways, I decided to create a comfy- but cool look! My first choice – a blazer. The ultimate comeback to the 80th. Comfortable, elegant and for various occasions to wear. To give it an extra cool and modern touch I bought it oversized. A white Blazer, straight and long cut. One of my favorite blazers so far!
To keep it cool but chic I chose a white chino trouser with medium high waistband. I love this trouser! I promise it is so comfortable. They have a touch of joggers but because of the color and the profile they look really fashionable and elegant. To top it off I decided to wear a crop top under the blazer for the little eye –catcher and to give it a sexy touch.
Blazer and trouser are both from Zara, as well as the cute little handbag I spontaneously discovered, one step before the cashpoint. With the small and shiny little stones and the small birds it just perfectly fit my outfit. Helpless - I couldn`t resist. Instead of high heels I decided to wear modern white sneakers. My all-time-favorite. It nearly fits everything and still can make your look cool and easy, or elegant and chic, depending on the clothes. Sneakers are a dancer`s dream on a party!

Outfit Details:
Trouser and Blazer - Zara
Handbag - Zara
Shoes - Lacoste
So there we go, finally. Ready to join the party!
The Party itself was beautiful. The event was arranged in Mannheim, at the “PLAYA DEL MA”. Everyone looking innocent in those white soft clothes the atmosphere was peaceful but joyful summery. Brazilian belly dancers opened the party with drums and chant. Life music, glamour, cocktails and beach loungers were awaiting us. The weather was perfect so we could see a colorful sunset behind the river. Jep! They made us feel like summer, fun and dancing! Big thanks for the Invitation.
What would you wear on a white Party? Tell me what you think and give me some feedback on my first blog post.

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