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16. Juli 2017
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This time I want to show you a few of my favorite pieces in a cool French look. Think creative when you choose your outfit! Dress to impress, yes. But more important: Dress for yourself – To feel good and to express your ideas!

Give your emotions free run. What I`m saying is that being stylish does not have to mean to wear the newest item of the newest collection. Fashion is where you can be yourself by showing what you love.

So for my latest shooting with @danbrophotography I decided to create something that goes along with the romantic old town of Heidelberg. So here are my ideas:

I personally like to dress a bit fancy and extravagant. The beautiful thing in fashion is that you can reinvent yourself all the time, in all kind of variations. It`s fun to jump in different roles! So now how I came to the “FRENCH LOOK”:

First element of all, I chose a long thin sleeve with POLKA DOTS! Why? It makes my outfit look kittenish and romantic but also a bit sassy. The points assume an element of dancing which makes the whole appearance more alive. If you want to create a very feminine look, polka dots are a good choice!

Be careful with what you wear underneath, it is transparent so you can see everything! I would recommend a one colored, black or crème bustier as this gives it a fresh and youthful style. For those who prefer it more well –behaved and simple I would suggest a simple top with tip to wear on top of the transparent thin shirt. This would look really cool and fashionable as well. Because the shirt is designed eye-catching, much more jewellery is not necessary. Next step – What to wear on a shirt like this?

A cool and comfy Denim Jeans is always a good choice to combine with.  To make the look even more exciting I put on a black belt with small flowers on it. This makes it look more coltish and feminine! To keep the colors and pick up the flowery element again, I chose those beautiful summer shoes who perfectly round up my outfit.

For the French-looking touch I chose a back-in-time element. The well-known Flatcap! Originally a typical men fashioned item from the 1930s Hollywood films. But who said this can`t look cool on a femme look? Casual as it is looking and super soft and comfortable to wear, it creates a pretty contrast to the feminine look and makes it even more of an eye-catcher. They put the old fashion item in a new modern position. Make the cap look smooth and smart and put it in a new modern-hip combination, so it doesn`t look like British country style.

It gives you the look of a stylish young lady. So there we go – you`re good to go with an agile- femine French look!

Outfit details:

Flatcap: mine is from my grandfather from the 1930s but you can shop them at ‘‘Rockhats“

Polka Dots shirt: Glassons

Denim High Waist: H&M

Belt: Pimkie

Shoes: Deichmann; brand: Catwalk

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What do you think about the Flatcap – yes or no?

And how would you put the Polka points in an outfit?

Let me know, happy to hear your opinions!




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