Self fulfillment -Why this only comes from believing in yourself

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20. Juli 2017
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Why are so many people searching for recognition in other people or their environment?

True self-confident and self-recognition comes from yourself, from the inside. If you listen to yourself, your spirit will show you what it needs to be confident.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by other people`s image. We debase ourselves because we think their life is more valuable. But imagine to set yourself free from all those perfect “to-be images” or ideals. What is important to you to be happy? 

It`s not materialism. It`s neither to copy what other people think is valuable. It`s yourself that leads you to your happiness.

Imagine; If you don`t believe in yourself, how can other people?

We set the tone for ourselves. This means, we send out what we think and what we think about ourselves. That`s how we experience self-confident. A person who believes in its being will always seem more attractive and more self-confident rather than a person who is searching for recognition in someone else. Many people don`t realise that. But If you don`t feel well in your own body, people will recognize. This is the reason why it is so important to stand up for yourself. And if you stand up for who you are, other people will do as well. Because this is what everyone is looking for somehow: self -recognition.

People are often asking me: How can you be as self confident as you are?

It`s simple when you`re honest with yourself and learn to appreciate who you are. Focus on yourself. Experience true strength by following your own instincts. Pay attention to your actions and analyse them. Push these things that make you feel alive and give you energy and happiness. This way you make sure it pushes your interests and personality on a good term.

You don`t have to be perfect to be self-confident. You just have to be yourself. A beautiful individual of nature. Full of personality and creativity. If you look at a tree, a tree is far away from perfection with its curves and brunches, and still we accept it as a part of nature that keeps its own beauty. Why should we think different when it comes to human being?

Accept yourself and realise the beauty in every person. Flourish up in your own personality and human being. Love yourself and try to give that love to other people.

I hope I could give you some positive thoughts on your way. If you have any questions concerning this please feel free to ask.

Lots of love,


PS: This is for a friend who felt insecure about himself and his thoughts. I was talking to this person about the topic I was writing and many more. He found our conversation really helpful and he actually convinced me to share those thoughts as there are more people out there who would found this also helpful and inspiring. I hope he is right. Xx

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