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24. Juli 2017
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Hey people!

This year colors are the absolute highlight! It seems that 2017 will be a colorful year. To make your day as bright as possible put yourself some color on before autumn is coming. We`re right in the middle of midsummer.

For the perfect summer look I chose the color yellow, as many people call it a ‘‘difficult color “ because they find it hard to combine. Especially when you are not super tanned or blond-haired the color yellow can make you easily look pale.

Here in this blog I want to show you two of my favorite variations on how to get that “yellow –look” really simple. Let`s get that sunny highlight!

I got the chance to choose 3 beautiful outfits in cooperation with the “Trendfabrik”.

It was hard to choose between all those beautiful fashion items and various brands. One thing was clear though: The yellow belt is definitely one of my favorite items and my personal eye catcher!

It just looks so pretty and unique with it`s intense summer color and the beautiful design. You can easily wrap it around your waist what makes your look really feminine. It points out your female curves in an elegant way. I decided to combine this belt in two different ways.

For the first look I wanted it to be chic but cool. So I chose a really fashionable skirt from the brand “Life& Style”. If you look closer to the skirt you can see small white pearls that decorate the jeans fabric. The combination of denim and those small extra accessories looks fantastic. It`s the details that makes a look special!

Because yellow is a powerful color itself it`s perfect to wear with something basic. Simple clothes like denim-jeans and white basics are perfect to choose from. So therefore I took a long classic white blouse on top of the jeans skirt. For the cool touch in my look I wanted the white blouse to be oversized. This makes it look more casual. All In all, this look is not too colorful, but really summery!

For those who want to have it more extreme and upbeat I created a super cool second look. This one is definitely an eye-catcher with its colorful performance. In this case: Dress to impress!

Instead of the chick jeans skirt I chose another colorful item. Those yellow wide trousers. The color is more soft and pastel so the color-effect is not to intense. This way it creates a pleasant contrast between the intense color from the belt and the soft pastel yellow of the trousers combined with the white blouse. The trousers perfectly suit the belt and make the look fresh and mildly. By the way, the trouser is sooo comfortable to wear and still makes my look super exciting and cool!

Outfit details:

Blouse: Goldgarn

Belt: Life& Style

hand-bag: Pieces

Trouser: Silvia Heach

Skirt: Life& Style

Shop that look here:

For both looks I used a small yellow hand- bag. It suits the look and gives that extra fresh kick. – I got that sunshine in my pockets! 

For the shoes I would recommend sneakers. Simple, comfortable, easy to combine and just super cool. Sneakers – the new all-rounder!

With those looks summer is close behind! If the weather is bad we just create our own sunshine, right?

And don`t be shy to approach yellow colors. Be careful when you combine it with other dark strong colors like black as it easily can look like a costume. But otherwise try out all different kinds of variations. It can look super fresh and summery. Get on that color and show your brightest smile!

Which combination do you prefer?

Let me know,




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