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Barcelona – the 2nd city during my trip through Europe with my best friend- one of Spain’s most popular cities and the capital of Catalonia. Why is Barcelona worth a visit? I will let you know in the following.

Good to know: In summer time it is really hot, so please bring some summer clothes and swim wear if you don’t want to melt like ice cream.

Besides that, walking trough Barcelona is beautiful. I would recommend walking or taking a bike rather than going on a bus tour or taking the metro. You see the most and can stop wherever you like. You won’t miss the side streets and small shops you only see at second glance. And it’s way more fun exploring the city yourself. Be your own guide and start your adventure!

Where to sleep in Barcelona?

If you are looking for accommodation I can definitely recommend the Hostel “RocketHostels Gracia”. It is amazing! It’s full of young open-minded people from all over the world. The people who are working there always give you a hand if you need them and the best thing is they show you some local non-touristic spots. This is great, as we wanted to experience the city in its variety and see the city through the eyes of a local. I promise that this is way more exciting than seeing just the touri-spots!

However, this hostel is really multicultural and open for all kind of cultures! Moreover, their decoration is really comfortable and inviting and makes you feel like home. You can also find this place on trip advisor with its highly positive reputation or on this link: – Check it out friends!

To mention: This is a hostel, not a hotel so it’s more a place to meet up with other young travelers, to share impressions and experiences, rather than enjoying noble rooms and luxury.

What to do in Barcelona?

When we arrived at the Hostel we didn’t really have a plan as we decided more or less spontaneously to go to Barca. So we’ve been talking a lot to other travelers and citizens and found out many nice trips to take!

The first evening we joined a group of people going up to a viewing point, organized by the hostel. They offered various activities. The viewing point we went to is called “Bunkers”. I promise, this spot is amazing! From the hostel you walk around 30-40 minutes. It’s a good workout because it’s up on the hill. Definitely worth the hike. We walked up there with a group of ten people from all different kind of countries like USA, Australia, England, Brazil and Bali. Multicultural! We arrived on top of the hill to see the sunset. Absolutely stunning. Many people go there to relax, have a beer with friends or have a romantic picnic. My best friend and I really enjoyed this spot.

The fun part of it: On our way back down we took the wrong crossroad and ended up being completely wrong in some random private property in Barcelona. But not all of us ended there.The Australian guy was missing, probably looking for some more of his beloved beer. The other half of the group? I think we lost them while we were busy talking. However, we’ve been with a spirited girl from Indonesia, three genius Americans and one guy with a super funny black humor from England. While the Americans were battling with the English guy about whose English is more “proper” and “correct”, we created some funny horror stories and joked around.

Unfortunately that one Australian guy was seriously missing. In the end we finally found the others again and managed to walk down the hill together . Guess what, guys! We had to use three google-maps navigators – call this organization! But don’t worry. Usually it’s not complicated to find the way to the Bunkers.

To clear up the story, we saw the Australian guy again the day after. He somehow made his way back down to the hostel a bit later but still nobody knew where he spent his night.

Tip: It’s also worth going up to the Bunker to see the sunrise! It’s amazing watching the city wake up. It’s so peacefully quiet and super stunning to see the sun rising.

I can further recommend to just go and stop along the way as Barcelona is full of life and energy. Within the city central near the “Museu d`Art Contemporani de Barcelona” you can find a nice meet-up place where mainly the youth is meeting up for skating. Super cool! If you are interested in skating, this is the perfect place to be. If you don`t like skating – go there anyway. It`s really exciting to have a look at them practicing as well as there are many groups of people practicing dance or anything else.

Let’s go for an exhibition!

There is a lot to see in Barcelona, but some spots are highly touristic and therefore really packed. If you go to the beach in Barcelona it will be completely filled with people. If you don’t mind the crowd, it’s a nice place to hang out and go swimming. If you prefer a beautiful beach, more natural and less touristic, I strongly recommend to go to “Tarragona”. It’s about a 1h drive by bus from Barcelona. The bus tickets are not too expensive and there are many buses going.

Tarragona– An old fashioned and absolutely beautiful town. Full of sidestreets, with small apartments in different brown colors.Most of the apartments have  those Hollywood like looking balconies. The old town is full of Spanish flair and also old Italian architecture and design. If you are there check out the roman walls and the Colloseum “Amfiteartre de Tarragona”. Around those places are many beautiful authentic Spanish restaurants. In general you’ll find lots of old architectures from the ancient roman times and medieval there. Really authentic! Also check out the “Cathedrale the Tarragona” as you can walk on top of the roof and have a beautiful view over the city. Don’t miss out on the beautiful beach . Along the coast there is soft sand and clear blue water- calm and less full.

Fun fact: We originally wanted to go there with our Brazilian friends. Going to bed late they ensured us to definitely be on time at the bus station early the next morning. It was planned to take the bus to another city to spent the day there with friends and shoot some pictures. Typically German, we were there 15 minutes before the meet-up time. Waiting for our Brazilian friends who were still enjoying a lovely deep sleep until at least 11 am. We realized: The Brazilians don’t take the time as properly as German people do. But no worries, they told us around three o‘ clock they would prefer going to go the next day!

That day we spontaneously ended up going to Terragona and it was definitely a beautiful day!

The next day we met up with our Brazilian friend who is a talented photographer: Felipe. Jep, on time! We went to the Arc de Triomf first, to shoot some pictures. Second, we looked for some small authentic side streets to take more pictures in. He has been doing photography for a while so go check out his page here:

Pictures of the shooting with my outfit and more impressions will come in another blog post as the pictures are in development. Besides beautiful photos, he showed us where many students and locals live. A place called Barri Gothic”. Go there and have a look at cute cafés along the streets with lots of pubs and small restaurants.

Tip: It’s cheaper not to eat on the main streets. Because lots of things are set up for the tourists there in order to make them pay more.

Let’s have some Spanish food!

If it comes to food everybody is listening, right?

I definitely recommend you to try the typical Spanish ham, “Serrano” as it is called. Super delicious. Spanish people always eat it with white baguette, olives and aioli-dip. Further to that „Paella“ is a very traditional dish. A pan full of rice with fresh vegetables, fish or meat. People take their time when eating and share small plates with different kinds of food called Tapas. Small appetizers like olives, cheese, ham, fish, or whatever you like. It is served on small plates to share with friends or family. There is always a positive and joyful atmosphere around Spanish people!

Besides that you will find heaps of burger restaurants. Maybe it is for the tourists. But maybe the Spaniards just love Burgers. I’m not a big fan of burgers but my best friend is one, so we went to one restaurant called “Bacoa” which is is a branch. It is definitely worth a try! Big, super fresh Burgers and crunchy fries to go with. Enjoy!

What impression did you get of Barcelona by reading this blog post?

If you have any issues you want me to write about, please let me know. I happily accept any tips and ideas. Tell me what you like to read.





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