Red highlights – street style in Paris

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14. August 2017
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21. August 2017

Paris –  the city of love. Which color represents this more than red? None. So let’s put on some red highlights and rock the streets with love and power.

In this blogpost I’d like to share my favorite outfit I wore back in Paris. As you know I like to design my outfits chic but cool. And I love to set highlights. So what about putting the color of love into a chic street style? Here are my ideas:

Summertime is nearly over so it’s getting more chill but when the sun is out it can get really hot. It’s that time of the year where we don’t know if we need a jacket or not, right? So I created a look which you can perfectly wear with or without a jacket.

For this outfit I chose a street look, sophisticated but laid-back! Talking about this kind of style – what is essential for a street look? Right! A denim jeans. I chose the denim to be a bit more exciting with pearls and holes.

Not sure what to wear with this jeans? Try to set some highlights! What about a red crop shirt with imprint and holes. This makes the look more exciting and cheeky. Because the focus is on the color red, I decided to take those amazing red boots. My absolute favorite so far! With a red shirt and red shoes the outfit is definitely an eye-catcher.

But the jacket is missing! To make the look not too colorful put something on top which is simple. For example a black Bomber Jacket. It perfectly fits the street style and makes it look cooler and layed-back.

For some more details I put on my favorite glasses. I just love the look, it’s cool and smart!

Outfit details:

Shirt: Y,K – classic fashion, Thailand

Jeans: Bershka

Shoes: Pull&Bear

Glasses: no name. From a street market in Italy

Bomber jacket: Bershka

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Thanks for reading!

How did you like that blog post and how do you like this outfit?

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