Capture the moment – my shooting in Barcelona

Red highlights – street style in Paris
16. August 2017
Feeling like a princess – my bride shooting with Jolie
28. August 2017

Hey everybody!

I hope I didn’t promise too much, but here are the pictures of the shooting I was talking about in my blogpost about Barcelona.

I guess you know but for those who don’t, I did a tour through Europe with my best friend. On our stop in Barcelona I met lots of beautiful people and spent time with them. One of my friends there is a Brazilian photographer  called Felipe. Spontaneously we decided to go on a small adventure and shoot some photos.

We ended up shooting at the Arc de Triomf first and looked for some authentic Spanish side streets afterwards. The three of us had a lot of fun and I really like the results.

Here is a making of of Felipe and me. Shot by my best friend:

Here are the results:

1.The beginning: Arc the Triomf 


2. Capturing moments in Barcelona’s side streets – street style 


3.  Portrait pictures – come closer


4. RED – How to create two looks out of one 


5. And last but not least something different – Working with shadow and light. The focus here is on the body silhouette. I really love those ones. The shadow make the pictures look exciting and mystic.


Outfit details:

Full outfit by Pull&Bear. (Expect of the shoes: no-name)

Thanks for watching! If you would like to know more about the photographer or Barcelona with it’s stunning spots and authentic side streets take a look at my blog post here:

Do you have a favorite picture? Comment below and let me know.

Lots of love,


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