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28. August 2017
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14. September 2017

Hey guys!

Everybody knows that struggle. We go on vacation but we couldn’t fit all our clothes in our hand bag, sooo we only have a restricted selection on what to wear. Now, we want our outfit to be comfortable, so we can stroll around the city the whole day without feeling super tight in or super unhandy. It should look like a „I can walk miles“ look but still be chick and trendy.  That might sound difficult at first, thinking about all those opportunities….BUT my motto today: Keep it simple!  So when I was strolling around Paris I was searching for a look that is trendy, but casual and comfortable with some chic details. So here is what I found in my upper big handbag:

For my look I chose a black trouser made out of cloth not of jeans which makes it really comfortable. This is especially important to me when it comes to the trouser because that’s where you feel the movement the most when you walk! What I like on this trouser are the details on the end with the band and the bow. Basically you think it’s a normal black trouser, nothing special, but when you look closer you see some pretty details which makes it really elegant and cute. Besides that black is an easy color to go with. It doesn’t get dirty that easily, perfect, right?

For the upper part I chose a wide crème blouse with bell sleeves to put on my trouser. This piece is one of my favorite pieces in general. It’s  not only super comfortable with the cloth material but also super breezy and easy with its wide bell sleeves. The way they look when you pull up your arms like I did is just so cool. It’s definitely one of my favorite comebacks from the Bohème style with it’s Hippie and unique look!

To get another crème element I got those super comfortable Italian shoes. The nude color makes them look soft and smooth and so they are when wearing them.

For some Details I chose another French hat to go along with the black of my trousers. You may have recognized, I am a fan of hats and headdress! So of course I couldn’t resist on getting this French cap with white Polka Dots. How original is that?! I just love how kittenish and cute it looks. If you want to see more elements with Polka Dots or French caps I can recommend this blog post:

Okay enough romanticized! To come to an end I would say I created an easy and really comfortable look you can walk miles with and you can wear in many matters. For example for your daily routine.

Outfit details:

cap: discovered in a small side shop in Paris

blouse: H&M

trouser: H&M

shoes: Mauro Leone

Find this look on Lookbook here:

What do you think about this look? I happily accept any opinions or ideas.

Cheers & Good bye






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