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2. September 2017
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24. September 2017

Hey friends!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Apologize for that! But the good news are: I am working on a couple of new projects which I can’t wait to share with you guys.

But now, let’s focus on that one thing that makes your look irresistible! You are wondering what this is about? It’s about the red leather Jacket. My loyal companion in this fashion season.

If you are looking for an item that is easy and various to combine on one hand and supposed to make your outfit more exciting and powerful on the other hand, this is a must have in your closet.

Think about it. You might assume „OH, a red jacket, this is too noticeable for me“. But it’s not. It makes you look feminine, exciting and sexy in an elegant way. There are heaps of options you can set up this colorful highlight to make you look irresistible.

Either in an elegant way, with a classic dress or a noble combination of black and white; more exciting with different colors and more contrasts; or in a cool street style look like I did. This is totally up to you! With those examples I just want to show how many options you have you might not even have thought about.


Now we have the red leather Jacket. But what to wear underneath? To keep it cool and cheeky I chose a black crop top. It slightly is belly free and covered with some red elements which perfectly goes along with the color of the jacket but is not too eye-catching. I got this from one of my favorite vintage stores in Amsterdam called „Marbles Vintage“. For more information click here:


So let’s get more specific about the outfit details. By now we know that too many highlights make a look seem twitchy. We are trying to avoid that. Instead let’s try to round it up with some well adjusted, balanced colors like black and white. Therefore I chose my grey denim jeans. Creating some attention with the quote „Youth is the future“ combined with the fringes and the beveled ends the jeans assume a cool and youthful look. The color is washed out a little, just enough to put it in a perfect street style look. Now this is a cool way to put a strong colored jacket in a cool street look.

Because I love contrasts, I chose white shoes, the opposite color. Contrasts are what makes a look exciting and interesting, especially with a powerful color. Attention: These Nike Air Huarache are super comfortable! What I found more interesting though were the white striped socks I combined the shoes with. I am a big fan of stripes and because the jeans are cut three-fourth those stripe socks have the perfect length to show off the shoes more intense.

For sure, the red jacket is your most exciting element in this look. In this combination it is not only feminine and sexy on one side, but hip and cool on the other side put into a modern street style.

Outfit details:

leather jacket: Pull&Bear

crop shirt: Marbles Vintage; Amsterdam

denim jeans: Bershka

socks: Pull&Bear

Shoes: Nike Air Huarache

Find me on lookbook:


If you would like to see more options on how to combine this powerful element in different outfits, themes or for different events let me know, I’ll be happy to show you more combinations.

See you next time,



PS: You can perfectly wear this jacket on a date if you want to impress him a little bit extra. Xx Good luck!

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