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14. September 2017
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1. Oktober 2017

Hey friends!

Today I want to give you and understanding on how to dress confidently. To make this reasonable I’ll show the importance of confidence and body language.

Whatever you wear, you got to feel comfortable in your clothes. So yes trends are nice, but there are many trends. You don’t necessarily need to be up to date with all of them. You can create your own style and choose the way you feel.

There is one thing I am sure about: You reflect exactly how you feel and what you think about yourself. If you feel really insecure and unconfident, than that’s what you reflect to your surroundings. People will recognize your negativity and will follow your fears.

BUT if you show the people how confident you are, than this is what they will see: A positive woman with a good sense of self-confidence and an attractive body language. Body language is a really important part when it comes to your impact on other people. If you put on clothes that you really enjoy wearing, clothes that make you feel sexy, playful, more comfortable in your body, or make you feel you look good, you should definitely wear them because you will exhibit that in your confidence.

A large amount of communication and attraction comes from your body language. Dressing confidently is more than wearing the trendiest fashion. It`s about feeling good, looking confident and being self –assured in all situations. Enhance all the best parts of your character. Be the best version of yourself. You will spread good energy and besides you can express who you are on the inside while showing off your characteristic.

Now speaking of fashion here is an outfit I feel really comfortable and happy with. I personally like this trend of rose colors in autumn. To me rose implies romantic and softness. It’s a calm and elegant color. Easy to look at and beautiful to wear. Here is my idea of a fresh look with rose colors:

My personal highlight in this look is my oversized denim jacket. Cool and chick in a soft rose color. Combined with denim jeans dressed with pearls and a crop top. Not to miss the long glittering nude socks under the light purple shoes. For this look I put on my favorite silver jewelry from Urbiana, a designer store in London. It’s super delicate and elegant – I love it! All in all a cool street style look with rose colors which makes the look more soft and chic, a bit playful and romantic.

Outfit details:

denim Jacket: Glassons

crop top: Glassons

trouser: Bershka

shoes: Nike NYC

socks: Pull& Bear

jewelry earring and bracelet: Urbiana, London

necklace: Aldo

Hype this look on Lookbook here:


I really hope this was helpful to you guys, would love to know what you think, let me know!



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