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23. Mai 2018

Hey everybody!

Today I would like to talk about my favorite prospect to create fashion. Throug Vintage.

What is Vintage? Vintage is used to describe pieces having their origin in older fashion generations. Nowadays this is mostly related to fashion; by mixing old fashion pieces with new fashion items and creating a combination of various styles and periods. Not everything what seems to be is vintage though. Original old pieces are mainly from the 1930s up to the 1970/80s. Washed out jeans oder ripped jeans -jackets appear to be vintage but its not  just because it has a ‚used – look‘.

Vintage clothes are usually sold at lower prices for high end named brands. There are unique pieces you might only get to find in special shops, flea markets and in single sheets. Nowadays it is an idea for brands to create new fashion designs  that lean on previous fashion highlights from earlier generations. We know it as retro fashion. An example would be the flares from the 70’s or the shoulder pads from the 80’s which is trendy by now.

Once again we realize: Fashion is timeless. The beautiful thing about vintage: Reinventing old fashion into new.

If you are interested in Vintage clothing and looking for shops and markets you can go to, I can definitely recommend London – the city were the whole vintage movement started in the 1990s. Especially young people wear vintage. Originally to set a contrast to the unified newfangled super fast changing fashion nowadays. There is no better place to find vintage clothes as in London’s street markets, flea markets or second hand stores.

Especially Shoreditch: A hip, arty and fashionable district in East London. Here you find various options for this kind of shopping. I can recommend the stores ‚Rokit 101‚ and ‚Blitz‘. Fashion there is super cool, hip with various new and old vintage collections from several time periods and trends, all in good quality.

Street markets are great as well as I’ve mentioned. Have a look at the street markets called  ‚Portobello Road market‚,  ‚Broadway Market‚, ‚The vintage market‚ and the ‚Brick Lane Market‚. All street markets have unique items from young designers, a big second hand collections, value vintage items and more fashion fascinations! But take your, you definitely need that to look trough all the clothes searching for those personal eye-catchers. It is fun I promise!

I personally love vintage because it gives me the freedom in clothes that I am looking for. Not dressing unified and up do date but unique and individual. It is about creating old fashion new instead of just wearing the newest trends. The ability and freedom to create something new out of time. Something fashionable that is not directly ‚in‘ or up-to-date.

Below I’ll show you my favorite pieces I bought on ‚the  vintage market‘ in Shoreditch.





Outfit details:

I bought the blouse from the ‚Portobello Road market‘ in London and the jacket at ‚the vintage market‘ in Shoreditch.  This blouse is one of my favorite items because of the unique pattern and colors. It looks artistically one one hand and  exciting because of all the contrasts on the other hand.

The oversized vintage leather jacket is marked through shoulder pads which make a women’s waist look more tight and feminine. There we go –  a female exciting look!

I hope you liked it. Always happy for some more feedback! And let me know if you want to see more regarding Vintage.

Lots of love,



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