Sexy on the inside – What it means to have charisma and inner beauty

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1. Oktober 2017
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Hey everyone!

In this blogpost I want to show that their is so much more to pursuit than just beauty. So am going to explain why being thoughtful and intelligent is more valuable than just looking good.

How do you feel in nowadays society? Do you feel pressure coming from outside around you? It is pushed by several Hollywood stars and social media publicities. Society’s expectations of beauty is getting more and more idealistic corresponding a certain body shape or beauty look. People are trying to fix their outer selves by using surgery, hormones and other beauty products. It’s present everywhere.

Ask yourself a question: What do you consider as beautiful in a person?

Most people will come with physical impressions such as full lips, big eyes, a trained body.

But what about inner beauty? Small simple things like a heartwarming smile? A kind gesture? A beautiful sense of humor or just being understanding and kind? We tend to forget those priceless things.

I think every human should concentrate on inner values instead of diverting beauty. Open your eyes. Did you realise? Outer beauty is just superficial and only temporary.

Just looking beautiful doesn’t make you feel happier on long term. Happiness comes from a continues maintenance of positivity and gratitude.

Girls who considered beautiful often rest on their beauty alone. I realized attraction is not only coming from the outside, but from your inner attitude. Positivity. People around you smile and laugh with you if you do, which enlightens your heart even more and makes you feel alive. Try to open your mind and learn to find the good within the bad to maintain a positive state of mind and continuous flow of happiness.

I felt I had to do things in order to be intelligent and develop a personality in order to be seen as attractive. Exchanging experiences, having deep conversations. Being able to lead an exciting conversation or discussion with friends or family. To be thoughtful and educated. To show gratitude. Being thankful for who your are accepting your weaks and focusing on your strength. Realising the beauty in small gestures and simple acts. Turning moments into magic while filling your heart with love and kindness.

Beauty might be important at first glance. But after all there is nothing more valuable than enjoying the company of a person filled with good energy and self belief. A person which shows kindness by listening to others, inspires with a heartwarming personality and a mind filled of positivity. A powerful mind and beautiful personality is priceless and essential for a happy state of mind on long term.

I am not saying you shouldn’t nurse your body or stop dressing in a way that expresses yourself. This is important because you have to feel confident and comfortable within yourself. The art is to have both on equal scale.

If we look deeper into our soul, body and spirit we can harmonise our inner and outer beauty and develop a beautiful sense of charisma. This describes charm and a certain strength of character that compel your attractiveness and inspires commitment in others.

When outer beauty decreases inner beauty will rise and shine trough. It is what lasts in the end, that one thing you are able to keep an entire lifetime.


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  1. Simon sagt:

    Well written post about inner beauty, so many true and encouraging words right there! Keep up the inspiring words and hopefully see you soon!

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