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Hey everyone!

In this blogpost I will give you an insight into the meaning and importance of a power pose. I am going to talk about questions like „How can people impress other people by acting through certain ways of body language?; How can I seem to be more confident and powerful than I actually am and how can I influence the way I appear to someone?“ 

First of all: What is a power pose? The poses and gestures I am focusing on are all open gestures and extend your body. That is how we define a power pose. A pose that reflects the power that you actually have or feel.

We are all aware of the fact that judgement is done in the very first seconds. When we meet a new person we have to decide whether we think he or she is trustfull or not, how clever I think this person is, how attractive and so on. Good news here: You can influence other people’s impressions on you! By using a power pose with the right body language. 

The victory pose

Let’s start with the most obvious power pose. Hands up and behind your head. Yeeees. We all know this. We often see this pose from athletes after a victory or from people being really proud of themselves. This pose assumes power to another person. The way we open our arms and put it above or behind our head makes a person look really self confident and powerful.

My suggestion: Use this pose if you are nervous or in a stressful situation. For example before you hold a presentation or if you have an appearance. If you do so, you want to make a first good impression to your audience, right? Look for some private space shortly before you appear and focus for two minutes on this power pose by doing exactly this. Spread your arms in the air or above your had, be moving.  This pose will give your body a signal of power that makes you feel more open and laid back. You will reach out a lot further and appear more enthusiastic and self-confident. This affects how the audience looks at you and measures your behaviour in a positive way.


The power of your smile

So now let’s try something. Smile for 2 minutes, and start grinning even if there is no specific reason or you don’t even feel like it.  – How do you feel and how did your mood change?

Weird test, right? I know. But your smile is so powerful! When you smile positive hormones will set free in your body which makes you feel more happy. Feeling happy makes you smile, but smiling makes you happy too! 

So even if you haven’t been happy but still you start smiling your body reacts to it and it will have a positive effect on your mood. The positivity you feel inside also makes you appear more charismatic and positive on the outside.


The magic of hand gestures

Did you know? Imagine you talk to someone. What are you doing with your arms and hands? You might not know because most people don’t pay attention to this. Often our arms are spread open, in a natural way with palms up in the direction to the faced person. This pose symbolises your concentration and willingness to listen to the person speaking to you. But don’t get me wrong. With your arms spread I mean in a natural way not in an intrusive way where you spread your fingers to show off a person.

What I am speaking about is simply a way of communication which you do unconsciously but can be also done more controlled with a specific effect. By behaving so you can make the person who’s in charge of speaking feel more comfortable and secure in your presence. It also shows engagement and enthusiasm when you pay attention to the person you are facing.

Effective body alignment

The last really important and easy thing is your body alignment. In this moment you will probably think oh of course this is super simple.  But then take a second and observe the people around you. So many people are walking around with their shoulders bent, looking onto the floor and making themselves smaller by crossing arms and legs. Let’s do it better.

Try to stand straight with straight shoulders and eye focus in a way you can feel comfortable with.There is no reason for any of us to make oneself smaller as we are. Acting this way with a straight and positive alignment will prevent your body from distributing negative signals. Those negative signals will make you behave more uncommunicative and insecure. Instead speak and stay with a natural body tension that signals your body confidence and power, even if you had a bad day. This will also reduce the lack of awkwardness when communicating your ideas or your opinion.

I wrote this blog post to show you guys how you can change your confidence and feeling of power by simply using your body language. Make yourself feel more powerful in a serious situation and try to be as big as you can be comfort with. Force yourself to stretch out, but in a natural way that will make you feel more positive through physiological processes in your body.

I hope it was helpful and inspiring. Always happy about some feedback.

Lots of love,




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  1. Omar Ali sagt:

    I really enjoyed this piece! It’s fascinating how much you can learn and show with your body language, and the more you show, the more alive and down to earth you’ll be to others.

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