Isabell Fink

A little about myself

I grew up in Germany but have always loved to travel since I was a young child. Throughout my childhood I was really shy and careful which sometimes made me feel unconfortable. The more I was traveling and learning about life the more self confident and the more happier I got. Realising the importance of loving yourself and standing up for what you believe in gave me the confidence I was searching for. Since that time I stood up for myself and followed my passion which is fashion and traveling.

I`ve always loved to be fashionable, designing my own clothes, creating new cominations and the most important thing to show a special side of my character. Fashion gives me a possibility to reinvent myself everyday. This way I can express my personality, flourish up in the things I love by creating my own definition of style.

So this is the reason why I started this blog. I want to show you guys what is possible during fashion. You`ll get an insight into the things I love, the things that fill me up with life. So a part of my blog will be really personal by showing you guys the importance of self care , why happiness only comes by loving yourself and being one with life. The other part shows the inspiration and boundless possibilities of fashion where I will show my personal fashion favourites and inspiration.

Let`s be ready for this!



PS: I hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to give me some Feedback!

Topics I blog about