21. August 2017

Capture the moment – my shooting in Barcelona

Hey everybody! I hope I didn’t promise too much, but here are the pictures of the shooting I was talking about in my blogpost about Barcelona. […]
16. August 2017

Red highlights – street style in Paris

Paris –  the city of love. Which color represents this more than red? None. So let’s put on some red highlights and rock the streets with love […]
14. August 2017

A French experience- Enjoy a free stay in Paris!

Hey guys! Paris – My third stop during my travels through Europe! This time I`m going to talk about my French experience and introduce you to […]
8. August 2017

Catch the sun in Barcelona – Tips &Tricks for sun and fun!

Barcelona – the 2nd city during my trip through Europe with my best friend- one of Spain’s most popular cities and the capital of Catalonia. Why […]
2. August 2017

Milano – meet & greet with the locals

Ciao amici! This time I`ll show you some expressions of my first stop during my travels with my best friend through Europe: Milan. I`ll talk about […]
28. Juli 2017

Let`s put on that sunshine! – Why yellow is a blast

Hey people! This year colors are the absolute highlight! It seems that 2017 will be a colorful year. To make your day as bright as possible […]
24. Juli 2017

Self fulfillment -Why this only comes from believing in yourself

Why are so many people searching for recognition in other people or their environment? True self-confident and self-recognition comes from yourself, from the inside. If you […]
20. Juli 2017

Create a type – My ‘‘FRENCH LOOK“

This time I want to show you a few of my favorite pieces in a cool French look. Think creative when you choose your outfit! Dress […]
16. Juli 2017

Glamorous summer nights at the WHITE PARTY – presented by Porsche Zentrum Mannheim