23. Mai 2018

Elegance, femininity, charisma – My experience with CELESTA

Hallo Freunde, heute möchte ich mit euch meine Erfahrungen mit der Schmuckmarke „CELESTA“ teilen. Ich hatte die Freude mir einige Artikel auszuwählen die mir am Besten […]
14. November 2017

Glencheck – Der Karo Look in Szene

Please mention: The following blog post will not be in english, as most of my readers prefer a german written text. If you would like to […]
1. Oktober 2017

Unique and individual – reinvent fashion through Vintage

Hey everybody! Today I would like to talk about my favorite prospect to create fashion. Throug Vintage. What is Vintage? Vintage is used to describe pieces […]
24. September 2017

Body language – dress confidently

Hey friends! Today I want to give you and understanding on how to dress confidently. To make this reasonable I’ll show the importance of confidence and […]
14. September 2017

That one thing that makes your look irresistible

Hey friends! It’s been a while since my last blog post. Apologize for that! But the good news are: I am working on a couple of […]
2. September 2017

Keep it simple – casual is comfortable!

Hey guys! Everybody knows that struggle. We go on vacation but we couldn’t fit all our clothes in our hand bag, sooo we only have a […]
28. August 2017

Feeling like a princess – my bride shooting with Jolie

My shooting with Jolie for the new bride collection and a bride magazine
21. August 2017

Capture the moment – my shooting in Barcelona

Hey everybody! I hope I didn’t promise too much, but here are the pictures of the shooting I was talking about in my blogpost about Barcelona. […]
16. August 2017

Red highlights – street style in Paris

Paris –  the city of love. Which color represents this more than red? None. So let’s put on some red highlights and rock the streets with love […]