1. Oktober 2017

Unique and individual – reinvent fashion through Vintage

Hey everybody! Today I would like to talk about my favorite prospect to create fashion. Throug Vintage. What is Vintage? Vintage is used to describe pieces […]
24. September 2017

Body language – dress confidently

Hey friends! Today I want to give you and understanding on how to dress confidently. To make this reasonable I’ll show the importance of confidence and […]
2. August 2017

Milano – meet & greet with the locals

Ciao amici! This time I`ll show you some expressions of my first stop during my travels with my best friend through Europe: Milan. I`ll talk about […]
20. Juli 2017

Create a type – My ‘‘FRENCH LOOK“

This time I want to show you a few of my favorite pieces in a cool French look. Think creative when you choose your outfit! Dress […]
16. Juli 2017

Glamorous summer nights at the WHITE PARTY – presented by Porsche Zentrum Mannheim